Advising Services

The reality is, caregiving services can only get you so far, and many home care providers struggle to give you additional insight into factors beyond the direct care that can have an enormous impact on your loved one.

While caregiving from LIFETIME Care at Home is recognized as industry leading, our experts have also built a comprehensive process for ongoing evaluation of your living situation.


The Advising Process

Beyond a typical “free assessment,” care advising from LIFETIME Care at Home is about evaluating the real issues at hand – and creating an actionable, customized care plan that may combine our direct services, community relationships and partner resources.



Care Plan Essentials

Through the Advising services of LIFETIME Care at Home, you will receive a customized needs analysis and tangible plan of care. The care plan is unique to you, and considers the various aspects of your loved one’s “community” – whatever they consider to be their social and emotional support system which helps them live more confidently.

Care plans are monitored and continually managed to ensure any current set of services matches the evolving needs of you and your loved one.


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