Support For Family Caregivers

You are not alone. There are people just like you, who are tending to a loved one and grappling with whether they’re making the right choices, or providing enough care. It’s draining – the mental and physical stress – and it can fatigue everyone involved.

With LIFETIME Care at Home, that stress can be gone. For starters, the professional team at LIFETIME Care at Home has compiled a set of resources to help you find information and support as the family caregiver. Through the affiliation with VNA Community Healthcare, LIFETIME Care at Home clients have access to a variety of support resources.

Family Caregiver Support Resources

Helpline & Consultations

VNA Helpline

Instant advice on private in-home care

 Call 866.474.5230 (Toll free)

Caregiver Consultations

Discuss caregiving issues with eldercare professionals

Call 866.474.5230 (Toll free)

Caregiver Tips

VNA Healthcare Update with Caregiver Tips

Receive the quarterly publication featuring information and advice for free

Call 203.458.5990

Support & Walking Groups

VNA Caregiver Support Groups

Day and evening groups to learn more about caring for a loved one

See Events Calendar

VNA Caregiver Walking Group

Every Thursday from 1:00-2:30pm
Evergreen Woods, Front of main building

Get directions


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