Selecting the Best Care

Since 1999, LIFETIME Care at Home has been in hundreds of living rooms where the question was asked: "How do I choose the best care for my loved one?"

The answer goes beyond just what non-medical home care services your loved one needs. Often times, the best choice centers around selecting the most trustworthy caregiving team. Our analysis shows that the experience, insight and comfort level that an integrated care support team gives you are pivotal factors in helping to make better choices, and live more confidently.

Know Your Responsibilities

  • Hiring LIFETIME Care at Home takes the headache out of managing your caregiver responsibilities
  • Download a chart which shows what you would be responsible for - and liable for - if you hire a private aide or placement agency instead

3 Components Of A Quality
Home Care Provider

A Trusted Agency


The biggest risk people unknowingly take is when they directly hire an aide or live-in caregiver.

When you hire directly through a newspaper ad, online site, placement agency or registry. As a result, you become the official employer of that person – and are therefore subject to full liabilities – such as Worker’s Compensation; State, Federal and Unemployment taxes; hiring, managing and firing the aide.

An Integrated Team


Many agencies supply a single caregiver without giving you or that caregiver enough information to feel comfortable.

Caregiving is performed by:

  • Homemakers
  • Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs)
  • Home Health Aides (HHAs)
  • Live-In and Personal Care is performed only by CNAs and HHAs

Advising is performed by:

  • Intake Coordinators
Trustworthy Individuals


When comparing private in-home care agencies, ask if they have a formal hiring process.

A proper process should include:

  • Extensive interviews and screening of the individual
  • 10-year national criminal background check
  • National driver’s license check
  • Department of Homeland Security check
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Certification fines, sanctions and fraud search
  • Reference checks
  • Drug screening
  • Tuberculosis testing

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